May 17, 2011

UXLX - 4: Friday Talks - Part 1


last Friday at the UXLX a lot of interesting talks took place. Here is my overview of the first part.

Louis Rosenfeld - On not declaring victory: Going beyond user research

Insights live in different silos.
- The reports from the user research group
- Query data gleaned from site search team
- The logs from the call center
- The reports coming out of the analytics applications
- Insights from Voice of the Customer research (surveys)
- CRM data
- The insights coming out of the research center.
Louis Rosenfeld

A nasty, three-headed cartographic challenge
1. Fragmentation: Tell us where an organizations insights live
2. Differentiation: Tell us what kind of insights there are
3. Synthesis: Tell us how to combine them effectively

The organization's challenge: thinking with a whole brain.
Some recommendations:
- Get out of your silo
- Establish what's common: KPI / goals, Segments/personas
- Map it: Maps, after all, are designed objects

Put people together from different silos
Win it: Companies that integrate their silos of insight will outpace their competitors

Christian Crumlish - Playful Design
Play - all the concepts of play he's working on has something to do with moving in space.

Masks: Putting on a role
Make belive: Invent themselves online
Reimagining: Play a role
Games:structured play

- Needs to start of with an invitation: "do you want to play"
- Boundaries: You have a system you play in
- Rules
- Goals: What is the goal of the game?
- Competition
- Cooperation

"It's easy to make a game fun, but it's hard to make the HR website fun."
Christian Crumlish

Nick Finck - The Cross-Channel Experience
Nick Finck

What is cross-channel experience?

Cross-Channel experience Design is the process of designing for all the touchpoints a person has with a business regardless of channel.
- Interactive touchpoints: Web, mobile, etc.
- Human touchpoints: Sales person, hotline, etc.

What you should do...
  • Know the context of use
  • Attention to detail counts
  • Look for hacks
  • Follow the whole engagement
  • Learn the business process
  • Understand how employees work
We need business on the site to improve here.
- We must break down the silos.
- We must cross-pollenate (collaborate with different parts of the company)
- We must work more like a hive.
... With a unified version of what we're trying to do.

Stephen Anderson - Critical Thinking Skills for UX Designers
Critical Thinking Skills - Z-Shaped Thinkers:
○ "When everyone zigs, zag."
○ Changing what you are doing through critical thinking

Z-Shaped Thinkers approach challenges (of all kinds!) in different ways.
Skills of Z-Shaped Thinkers:

  • Rephrasing the problem
  • Explore many perspectives
  • Synthesize information
  • Embrace constraints
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Appreciate details
...In oder to envision unseen opportunities.

Stephen Anderson

Kristina Halvorson - Content/Communication
Problem: We still think about content as copywriting? It's just writing and everybody has Word :-)

Tools to get the writer in the room at the beginning - Content strategy
Content strategy plans for the creation, delivery and governance of content.

Core content strategy - What are we going to do with our content?
Content components: Structure & substance
People components: Workflow & governance
Kristina Halvorson
Br, Claudia

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