Mar 8, 2015

Upcoming conferences: UXCamp Vienna & SNEK

I want to share some interesting conferences coming up in April 2015.

UXCamp Vienna 2015
UX Camp Logo

On the 17th of April 2015 the UXCamp Vienna is again taking place at the FH Technikum Wien. The UXCamp Vienna is organized as a Barcamp - so this means everybody that participates should actively help to make a successful conference by giving a talk, communicating about the barcamp and share know-how during discussion.
The registration is already open - the early bird lasts until the 15th of March (30€). Other than usual barcamps the registration is not free - but the organization team invites a Key-Note Speaker and last year this was very cool.
The conference is mainly in german - but several talks are also in english.


The SNEK conference is mainly focusing on .NET developers (and it is in german). The SNEK conference is taking place in N├╝rnberg (Germany) on 25th and 26th of April 2015. I will do there an introduction talk about UX review methods to find usability problems. Probably I will see you there :-).

Br, Claudia

Mar 1, 2015

UX-Findings: Develop UX Skills, Mobile UX & #littlebigdetails


today I want to share some interesting articles & videos that inspired me in the last months.

Develop UX Skills

In my opinion one important goal of an UX expert should be to further develop know how about users and UX patterns over the time. As a team lead it is important to me to communicate this also to Junior UX Designers.
The article "Time with Users: Set Personal and Company Goals" by Jakob Nielsen was very inspiring for me to directly connect the time spent observing people with the personal goals.

Mobile UX: Luke W-How-To-Videos

The well-known UX expert Luke Wrobleski shared some interesting How-To-Videos on YouTube. He focuses on concrete UX problems in mobile development and explains solutions in detail.

LittleBigDetails -

There are several websites that collect littlebigsdetails - e.g. One nice example is the Password-Field of it out!

Login-Screen of

Regards, Claudia